Friday, January 4, 2013

{My Life in One Little Book} Printable Planner in 2 Colors

I hope you are off to a GREAT start this New Year!!  I'm still trying to get my stuff together.  That is one of my goals. To help me get it together I wanted to created a binder that contained everything I need in one place.  So... I am in the process of creating printables for "My Life in One Little Book".

Today I'm sharing the dividers for the planner.  I did it in two colors.  I did one in greens.  Did you know that green is the new trendy color for 2013.  You will see it in various shades in decor, scrapbooking, etc.  Guess what shade of green will be big?? MINT.  I see history repeating itself.  :)  I also did one in pinks.  Feel free to download and pick and choose the sheets that meet your specific needs.  These are the dividers I wanted in my notebook.  I will share with you tomorrow how I'm using my dividers.  I will also be creating printables to go behind each divider.  

I made the cover sheet in 2 different styles.  I'm personally using My Life in One Little Book.

Title Page

For the sake of time and space I'm only showing this pink design.

Blog Planner      
My Life in One Little Binder                                                                

Find more Planner printables here.  You can download the whole set of pink here, and the whole set of green here.

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Do  you use a binder/planner??

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