Friday, September 6, 2013

30 Kitchen Organization Tips

I'm back today with some tips on organizing your kitchen.  Like I said in my 25 Bathroom Organization Tips  my home is in desperate need of some de-cluttering and organization.  I hope to implement many of these ideas and then share my finished work with you guys.  I hope there are some here that will help you as well.

Bring some pretty to your fridge all while making it easy to keep clean.

Super easy and cheap fridge mats!  Transform your fridge in minutes

Love this idea!  A lazy Susan in the refrigerator.



Create your own shelf in the fridge for extra storage with a dish rack.



Bring in more space with a below the shelf organizer.



Great post on how to organize the fridge to keep healthy fast food on hand.


Use a tension rod under your sink keep things organized.

Here are some faux pull out cabinets using large Rubbermaid bins.

tubs1 20 Unique Home Organizing Ideas with Pictures!


ahhh... an organized freezer.  Find what you need in seconds.

Homestead Revival: Upright Freezer Organization


Freezing items flat is great solution for a small freezer.

Freezer Organization


Here is an easy way to keep track of what you have in your freezer!!!

Super easy freezer organization


Use tension rods to neatly organize your platters and cutting boards.

tension rod pantry dividers


Here is another way to organize your kitchen with a tension rod.


And yet another great use for a tension rod.


Here is another idea to organize spices- DY Spice risers.



Here is a great solution for all those cookie cutters and cupcake liners that are flying around.


Organize your can goods with 2 x 4's


This is a great solution for those bottles that are too tall to stand up in the cupboard.
wire cupboard shelf

Here's a nifty idea to keep your measuring cups and spoons organized.


Make cute storage containers from recycled jars.


Here is a tutorial for a DIY drawer dividers- these would be GREAT for junk drawers.


LOOK at how organized this junk drawer is. I have some ENVY going on!!

Altoids...junk drawer organizing

Store cutting boards in your cabinets using a magazine rack.


A magazine holder turned food wrap storage.


These types or containers are a huge source of frustration for me.  I LOVE the look of this.


Use an old CD holder to store your Rubbermaid lids.

February Storage Projects: Kitchen


Here's some tips on how to organize your recipes.


Here are some free printable labels to help organize your kitchen.

kitchen labels


Frozen food labels.


If you need more organization ideas, make sure you check out my other posts.

10 Scarf Organization Ideas

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Chinwags and Tittle-Tattles said...

Thank you for this post! I was thinking of re-organising my spices and the spice risers are a brilliant idea! I'm already organised but still not able to find what I need imemdiately as they're shoved behind the rest. I'm bookmarking this post. Have a lovely weekend :)

Abby Lawson said...

What an awesome roundup of tips! Pinned to my organization board! And now I want to go reorganize my entire kitchen, lol. I popped over from Practically Functional-- thanks for sharing!

~Abby =)

Cara Kueck said...

These are all such good ideas! I guess I need to get to organzing now :) I saw you on Fridays Five Features! If you like to link up come over to Craft Frenzy Friday at!

Betsy said...

I've been freezing flat for a while now, in addition to a good space saver it also helps to thaw meat faster since it's not so thick.

Carol said...

This was a great group of inspiring storage ideas! I was super-surprised when I saw my pantry idea using 2x4's to provide tiers for canned goods -- made me feel great! Thank you!

Lanaya | Raising Reagan said...

I'm all about organization! People think it's weird that I could tell you where anything was in my house {down to the drawer and where in the drawer!} But I love it!!

Thank you for linking to Raising Imperfection.
Please come back Friday to see if you were featured. :)

(¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

Lizbeth McGow said...

I need to print these tips and put them everywhere to keep myself organized, not just the kitchen...I suffer from messy-itis!!!LOl,thanks for sharing Barb, Lizy party co host at Fluster Buster

Bethany K @ BeforeDuringAfter said...

I'm with Lizbeth. I need to save these because they are awesome. About 1/3 of the way down, I realized my mouth was open in awe. Haha, I love this sort of thing. I REALLY like the idea of freezing things flat. And the below-the-shelf drawer thing in the fridge. And storing all those leftovers with labels. Labels...mmm.... I'm going to email this post to my husband and tell him we have a lot to do this weekend. That is, during the baby's naps. We'll figure it out.

Thanks for sharing!

Oh, I found you through the Whimsy Wednesday blog hop. AND I'm over at, where I talk about the baby and being a mom and that sort of thing. :)

Alison Bayne said...

Fantastic selection of brilliant ideas. Thanks for sharing them at
I know our readers will find them really useful and I can't wait to try them out.

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