Tuesday, August 7, 2012

DIY Pallet Herb Garden- repost

I have a project that I planned on posting today BUT it's giving me some problems.  I'm shooting for tomorrow.  Today is my normal day to post so I thought I'd re-post my palette herb garden since I have so many new followers.  Thanks to all my new followers!  Hopefully, tomorrow you'll see my latest project.  Make it a GREAT day!

I have wanted an official herb garden for many years.  I ran across this pin on Pinterest and really liked it.  But a single palette wouldn't work were I wanted to put it. I then saw this pin and I liked it but I didn't want stuff growing out of the pallet I wanted pots.  So, I came up with my own idea.  I really liked the color on the pallet but all of the structure pieces in our yard are white, so I brought my color in with my pots.

To make these palettes you need the following supplies
paint for the pallet
hose clamps 
your favorite herbs
screw gun and screws

To begin decide where you will hang your pallet.  I needed something on our garage wall so that is where mine will go.

 Pick out your pallet.

I had my handy hubby cut it in half for me.  I then painted it.  When I put it up on the garage wall I didn't like it and it was really heavy.  So back to the shop it went and we cut each of them in half.

I potted all my herbs in colored pots I got from Menards.  I stuck in my herb garden markers in each pot, coordinating the colors of the pots with the markers.  I then laid out my pattern so we knew where to place our hose clamps.

Next screw your hose clamps to the pallet in the places you marked.

Close up of the hose clamp attached to the pallet.

Once all the hose clamps are attached.  Take your palette and attach it to the spot you have chosen. You will need long screws to attach it to your desired location.

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Tori Grant said...

They turned out awesome!!! I need to find some pallets!! Thanks for dropping by my site! I am now your newest follower!

heather @ new house, new home, new life said...

These look amazing, Barb. Love the fact that you painted the pallets white to show off the colours in the pots and flowers. Great upcycling.

Angela said...

FYI, I'm pretty sure you used the wrong word; a palette usually refers to a color scheme, a pallet is a those wooden platforms used for transporting.

But that's a great idea, I've seen lots of different ways to use a pallet to make an herb garden.

tongcui said...

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